Judger Group was established in 1996 with a previous company named Wenzhou Judger Garment Co. Ltd started in 1993.It is a company specializing in manufacturing “Judger 庄吉“ suits and high quality ready-made men’s wear. It has 12 member companies and more than 2000 employees. The sales income and total profit of the core company “Judger Group Co. Ltd” have been listed in a pair of " 100 tops " in Chinese clothing industry. In 2004 total industrial output value was 859 million Yuan, sales income was 1,035 billion Yuan, profits tax was147 million Yuan.

The core products manufactured is a high quality men’s suit. Its annual production capacity is 550,000 sets of suits. Judger has set up a sales network of 400 franchising stores through out China. Judger has won the highest honor given by national authorities as “China Famous Trademark”, ”China Well-known Product”,” National-exempt-from-inspection Product:” and “ National Promise well-kept Enterprise.”

- Export business

Since 2004, Judger start to do export business with OEM. We manufactured suits for M & S in Britain, ARROW and ECCE in France, ZANETTI in USA,GIVENCHY in France. We have a strong team to support export business.

For M&S, we started business in 2007 with DEWHIRST and finished in 2011 as they shift order to Gipsy.

- Parternership

We have nearly 15years parternership with RUYI, NANSHAN and SUNSHINE for fabric.

- High quality

After Judger group was established; a modernized clothing manufacturing industrial Park with an investment of RMB 80 million was set up, which is located in Pingyang County. Most of the production equipment is purchased from the United States, Japan, Italy and Germany. Meanwhile the advanced management systems and technology have been introduced, which push Judger forward on improving the quality and technique. To meet with international standard ISO9001 quality management system and ISO14001 Environmental Management system have been well implemented.

Judger has successfully built a very professional and highly efficient work team. Every procedure from product design, raw materials purchasing, product processing, putting ready-made clothing in warehouse and after-sale service is practically designed and strictly controlled. The pass rate of Judger products is up to 100%. More than 98% of the products are tested as high-class products. Judger became the first to win the "Zhejiang Province Quality Control Award" in the clothing industry. High quality builds up the image of the Judger brand, which has been honored with the designations of "China Famous Brand" and "National Exempt-from-Inspection Production.”


In China’s clothing industry and Zhejiang private-owned enterprises, in Feb. 1998, Judger was the first company that had been authenticated as ISO9001 quality system and Product Fangyuan Quality System. And Judger lead through 2000 editions of ISO9001 quality systems in March, 2001; In 2002 it was honored with "China famous trade mark", and certified as ISO14001 Environmental Management system and China environmental mark products. It was the first one in clothing industry that was authenticated as "double green".

Judger employs a complete quality assurance and management system to make to tightly control the production and service and to allow for continuous in its processes. Judger suit products have obtained the "High-Class Product” status after being inspected by the National Technological Quality Supervision Agent. Judger’s quality has been so consistent that its products are exempt from national inspection. Judger always puts emphasis on technology reform and is the only one in the clothing industry that has owned a municipal technology development center. It is the only one in the clothing industry that has passed through the evaluation given by Zhejiang Province Quality Control Award Evaluation Committee with a unanimous vote. If "dare to be the first " is Wenzhou people’s spirit, then the spirit of Judger Group is to "persist in doing better ".

Good credit

.Since the Judger group was established in 1996, the popularity of the brand " JUDGER庄吉" has been soared day by day. Every economic technical indicator of the enterprise was improved rapidly; it ranked in the top five in the domestic clothing industry in terms of manufacturing scale and profitability.

Since 1996, Judger Group has been evaluated as " AAA bank credit enterprise " " Wenzhou Credit Top 100 enterprise ", " Wenzhou good credit enterprise ", “the leading enterprise in Wenzhou in terms of scale, technology and export-oriented”, " Wenzhou modern enterprise system innovation model unit ",

Since 1997 the sales income and total profit have been listed in a pair of " 100 tops " in Chinese clothing industry.

Since 2000 it has been ranked as one of top 500 of private-owned enterprises Chosen as "one of the best economic benefits enterprises in Zhejiang Province"

Since 1998, and is on the list of the leading enterprises chosen by Zhejiang people's government. Since 1999 it has been honored with " Zhejiang Province three-star enterprise “, "Zhejiang Province the biggest industrial enterprise “, " Wenzhou four-star enterprise "; "

Iin 2002 rewarded as” Zhejiang Province Promise- well-kept Unit ",

in 2004 " National Promise-well kept unit " and is one of the enterprises which has contributed to building well-known fashion city of China (Wenzhou).

Judger is elected as managing director's unit by China Fashion Association and is a deputy director's unit of the first Men’s wear Committee and a Wenzhou Fashion Association president's unit.

Since 2013, Judger garment start to do export business with OEM. We manufactured suits for ZANETTI in USA,GIVENCHY in France, MTM for USA, Asia and Europe customer.

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